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>> or from the producers, herding cats. >> that's how i like it. >> hope you have a wonderful weekend and continue the conversation at >> "newsroom" with kyra phillips starts right now. what did you think about the puppy? >> you know, i'm not an animal fan and glad it wasn't cats or i would have gone off. happy weekend, guys. >> all right. take it away. >> great. now everybody's going to call me into the sun. i love animals, really. a drug for diabetes or diabetics and a possible link to heart attacks. avandia in the u.s. much harder to get now. and what did the pope know about sex abuse cases and when did he know it? we investigate one case from the american heartland. and the senate had questions about bishop eddie long and other mega church pastors back in 2007. but that whole investigation just kind of faded away. we're trying to find out why. i'm kyra phillips and you
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are live in "the cnn newsroom." americans had been tuning in to jon stewart and steven colbert for reliable come eddic relief from the news, right? it's hard to tell where the sarcasm and satire end and the serious begins. you see newsmakers going on "the daily show" to talk about very sere youz topics. last night king abdullah of jordan had a warning about middle east peace talks. >> the discussions that we had in washington started out better than any of us could have expected. both sides made a lot of ground. and if the issues of settlements on the table on the 30th, everybody walks away and how will we get people back to the table? i don't see that happening in the near future so if we fail on the 30th, expect another war by the end of the year. >> did you hear? the king of jordan talking about war by the end of the year on comedy central. you just can't help but notice
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that stewart and colbert, the two that stick it to political leaders might be leaders themselves. >> tonight, i announce -- the rally to restore sanity. it is happening, people! it is happening! it is happening! a real gathering! we will gather! we will gather on the national mall in washington, d.c.! >> so, just what am i going to be testifying about? well, here's a preview in part two of steven colbert's fallback position, migrant worker. last night i interviewed chairwoman of the subcommittee on the immigration and cobbler zo lofran. tonight i prove i have what it takes to get farm worker jobs
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for americans. >> an hour from now colbert testifies before congress about a huge issue in america right now, immigration. you can tell from the tip that he's taking back farm working jobs for americans is sarcastic and bombastic. usually schtick and we understand he's going to play it straight before the house subcommittee and of course both men planning big rallies in washington for october 30th. stewart's with 140,000 rsvps and thumbs up from oprah. don't underestimate her thumb. colbert might call it laughter-ship where it all goes together and americans are responding. you got to wonder if funny is the new serious. we're talking about all this with cnn chief political correspondent candy crowley and howard kurtz, host of "reliable sources" on the phone with us. candy, let's start with you. it is like the days of walter
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cronkite and the cbs evening news is archaic now. >> it is a very fertile field for these two guys who are obviously very talented. i guess the question comes in and i have heard jon stewart talk before and people say you're getting the news if you and he's basically said and this is -- you know, i'm just kind of summing this up said, i'm not a newsman. i'm a comedian. when you talk to people with pew poll after pew poll showing young people are getting their news. all of their news from stewart or others. that do sort of make fun of the news. so the fact of the matter is that it is being taken seriously in all its come eddic forms. >> it is true. he says he is just a comedian. clearly not just a comedian and colbert.
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they have their opinions. they get major newsmakers on their show and gaining momentum exposing the absurdity through satire. is that healthy for our country right now? do you think this is a good way to go when it comes to, i guess, a new look at political power and influence? >> it's better than more boring newscasts. >> except for ours, howie. >> i didn't say all newscasts is boring. as someone survived both appearances on both shows they feel strongly about the extremes, dominant extreme voices dominating in politics, about the media being superficial and not giving us the high fiber diet we need. they're both comedians, make their living getting laughs but in a way that makes serious points. this rally, obviously, something of a stunt and mimicking the big beck rally. >> candy, maybe both of you want
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to weigh in on this. do we know if they are non-partisan? and does that really matter? >> well, let me take the last one. i don't think it matters. and, listen. there is enough absurdity in politics on both sides of the aisle to be able to rib all of them and make a point and be partisan because both sides sort of deserve that. and i think they do, you know, a very good job of taking on both sides. let me just say, also, we are kind of looking at -- when you have somebody like king abdullah on, that's a different thing. that is king abdullah looking at an audience here. i think the reason serious politicians go on there is they're looking at the audience that stewart and colbert are getting. and it's a good one for them. that's sort of the flip side of it is that they're not just sort of, you know, giving the poke at news. they're making news so it's really quite a hybrid and very
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different from walter cronkite as you said first. >> go ahead, howie. >> i don't think jon stewart pretends to be nan part son. he is a liberal. tougher on the republicans and as somebody that makes his living getting laughs he's skewered the obama administration. i wrote a piece saying stewart turning on barack obama and comedians want want to touch. i have to disagree about candy's point of young people getting the news from the two gentlemen. i have talked to stewart about this. you have to come to "the daily show" with a working knowledge of the headlines or you wouldn't get most of the jokes so i think people get information from it and maybe helps form the world view i don't think they know nothing tuning in late at night. >> candy, do you think these newsmakers are picking these shows for viewership to get to a younger viewership or do you think that they look at the jon stewart and the steven colbert
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at maybe sharter, more dynamic, more influnt shl than, say, one of us? cnn, msnbc, fox news. i'm just throwing them out there. >> i'm sure they probably do but politicians don't have a limited amount of time to go on tv or talk to a newspaper or be on radio and pick it carefully and there's a reason they go on to o pra and "the view" and stewart because they get a lot of play there, both to the young audience and to whatever bounce it gets after this. >> they want to appear to be hip. they want to show they can trade jokes with stewart or leno or lettermans and not like going on "state of the union" or "meet the press" when you have a serious discussion of issues as you saw with the clip of king abdullah but not absolutely grilled. >> i want to see stewart and come bertd on candy's show on
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sunday. >> absolutely. >> that would be some good stuff. >> i'd lobby for that. >> the invitation is out there. >> jon, stephen, please. howie, candy, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> you can go and get more on this story, of course, at walk-out the united nations diplomats leave the building after iran's president blames the u.s. for 9/11. and a controversial diabetes drug can be on the market but only some patients can purchase avandia. we explain the restrictions. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad drawing international outrage for claiming that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were a plot of the u.s. government. he made the inflammatory remarks yesterday in a speech at the u.n. general assembly. ahmadinejad compared the death toll in the attacks to the casualty counts in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. delegates from the u.s., great britain, australia, sweden and several other nations walked out during that fiery speech. the white house called the comments offensive. defense secretary gates says that the situation on the front
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lines in afghanistan is looking better. gates marking progress in the war against the taliban. cnn's chris lawrence is at the pentagon. chris, tell us about his assessment. >> reporter: kyra, he says the closer you get to the front lines the better the war actually looks and pretty blunt in assessing the big picture. he said, look, back in 2001, 2002, kicking out the taliban, girls started going to school in afghanistan, he said, we won that phase of the war and then said we took the eye off the ball and districted in iraq. he said afghanistan wurnd underfunded and made a strong point to say in the nine years this war is going on, he said it's only in the last year and a half that he feels they have the resources to really make a change. >> i would say since the beginning of 2009 with the president's first decision to add another 21,000 troops and then decision in january to add
9:14 am
another 30,000 and the increase in civilians that we have begun and i would say a tripling of the foreign -- of our partners' troops that we have actually got the resources in afghanistan to partner with the afghans and have some prospect of dealing with a resur gent taliban. >> reporter: the secretary said it is nothing like last year with months and months of debate saying it's more of a fine tuning, no change in big strategy. one of the folks here in the building described it to me as sort of the old tvs, adjusting the rabbit ears on the old tv. not necessarily changing the channel. kyra? >> so, you also had a chance to ask the secretary about the new bob woodward book and obviously getting attention right now. what's his reaction to it?
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>> reporter: yeah, kyra. i wanted the know, coming a few months after the huge interview that general stanley mcchrystal did with "rolling stone," i asked him why would you speak to bob woodward? he said told me, he said, look, i got the questions beforehand. the things he was asking about was the tone of some of the meetings, things i felt comfortable discussing. he also said that he was one of the last people that woodward interviewed and felt more comfortable knowing all of the people in the obama administration including the president himself had already sat down with bob woodward. >> chris lawrence live from the pentagon, thanks. now the faces of those heart-wrenching number that is we report on far too often. the number of our fallen heroes in the afghan war. nine service members were killed in a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan just this week. their bodies are now back on american soil. this morning, we lift up major
9:16 am
robert baldwin, 37 years old of new boston, illinois. he joined the army in february of 1994. chief warrant officer matthew wagstaff, 34 years old, of utah. uh-60 pilot. chief warrant officer jonah mcclellan 26 years of minnesota also a pilot. south africa sergeant joshua powell, 25 years of new berlin, illinois. sergeant mar vick calhoun, 27 years old, indiana, construction equipment repairer serving as a door gunner. lieutenant brendan looney, he was a graduate and an all american lacrosse player. senior chief david mclen don, 30 years of georgia. his fellow service members remembered him as a consummate navy operation or the. petty officer second class adam
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(voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again. if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a billion. >> what? ah! oh. oh. >> okay.
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you remember playing dodge ball as a kid, right? i bet that movie brought back some good memories of the welt, the burning sensation. but hollywood's got nothing on this game at the road or down the road at uc irvin. students set a record for the biggest dodge ball game ever. more than 1,700 players split up into 2 teams. rob, i asked you if you played it as a kid. i remember the big kids, you know, smarted off and they would come at you hard and run right up to the line and kind of curl the ball up and swing around get this whip effect. >> telling me you were a smart alec? >> i was and i was abused in dodgeball! i'm still haunted by it. >> i can see it. what comes around goes around. it's a great equalizer of sorts on the playing field. that's for sure. and, you know, just keep it away
9:21 am
from the head and the other sensitive parts of the body. we have rain heading across the midwest. not nearly as torrential as yesterday. boy, we had flooding rains in southern minnesota and central and western parts of wisconsin. arcardia being evacuated. number of communities across southern minnesota seeing rivers up rise and highlighted green areas are areas rivers at flood stage or forecast to go above flood stage. wisconsin river expected to crest potentially near 1993 levels so that's a scary proposition there and good news is no more rain expected in the areas even though they've seen six to eight inches in some spots. other big weather story is temperatures again will be well into the 90s after an unbelievably warm ummer is for a lot of spots and until that front comes through the area, later on this weekend, we are going to see temperatures well above average. matthew, heading to honduras and
9:22 am
nic nicaragua. it is strengthening. the forecast is to kind of bring it up through this area and then next week through the gulf or the northwestern caribbean, that is open for speculation and that may very well bring the southeast u.s. into play. we'll be watching this airfully. >> all right. thanks, rob. all right. checking the top stories, leaders say there will be no vote of extending middle class tax cuts before the midterm elections. the democrats and the president are against extending the tax cuts for the wealthy. they felt they would use a vote against them in the campaign. state of virginia executed teresa lewis in a murder for hire case. the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century. she was . the obama administration says an immediate end to the military's policy of don't ask, don't tell may threaten combat operations. they made the response keeping gays from serving openly.
9:23 am
one of the biggest singing stars of the 1950s has died. the family of eddie fisher says he had never quite recovered from a recrept hip surgery. fisher sold millions of records and also had a number of marriages to hollywood beauties, as well. remember debbie reynolds? elizabeth taylor and connie stevens. he's survived by four children including carrie fisher. he was 82 years old. ♪
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tough new restrictions on the diabetes drug aand have yeah. it's going to stay on the market we are told but only type ii diabetes patients with no other option can take it and that's what sanjay gupta's talking about. >> people have been wanting a decision on this for some time because there were reports saying there's an increased risk of heart attack with this medication. in july, hearings on this. the fda has an interesting ruling. what they say specifically is if you're on the medication now, you can continue to take it and sign a waiver saying you are informed of the health risks. the doctor says -- >> how bad is it if you're signing a waver? >> that's an interesting part. >> scary. >> there's evidence of it being linked to heart problems but how weighty is the evidence is in dispute because even among the fda wasn't a unanimous decision
9:26 am
and if you want to take it, you haven't been taking it, you have to show some proof that other existing medications haven't worked for you so there's a protocol that the drug company sets up and so it's an awkward process. usually they say it's available or it's not and in this case they have kind of really hedged it a little bit. >> i mean, how are patients -- i don't know if you had a chance to talk to some of your patients but has it been going so well for some of them it's worth taking the risk? >> well, interesting thing of diabetes unlike other diseases out there is that there are lots of options. there are at least 11 other classes of medications out there that can be made -- could work for them. avandia is a good medication for some people but now the question is can something else work for them? that's what the fda is saying try other things before you get here. what was interesting, as well, there was a really interesting coordinated response to avandia yesterday so that the u.s., the fda said --
9:27 am
>> what about europe? >> europe they said absolutely not. we are taking this medication cle completely off the market. >> oh wow. >> again, they're looking at the same exact evidence and weighting it differently an that case saying let's not use it. >> well, it's interesting. do they have different influences in europe than we do here? i mean, we have drug companies, money, power there. >> usually the belief is that the fda in the united states moves slower. that's the general consensus. they take long -- >> more red tape. >> things that are available in europe oftentimes available there first before the united states so this is a little bit different and here and europe saying we won't have it available at all. i think the most interesting thing is dibt in and of itself can be linked to heart disease. which is causing the problem. they found people on other medications besides avandia had less problems with heart disease. seems to be the drug. >> what if you're taking it?
9:28 am
are there certain signs that we should look for that something could be going wrong or that it's not working properly? >> the way this seems to cause a problem is causing fluid retention in the body. >> okay. you start feeling bloated? >> gaining water weight. seems unusual. things like that. that water weight, it seems to be causing the heart problems and maybe some of the first indicators and best bet is if you feel like you need to stay on avandia, have the doctor checking your sodium and simple things like your body weight and how it's changing. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. priests raping and sexually abusing children. before he was pope benedict, the cardinal played a major role to decide well-known cases. what he did and didn't do. we're investigating right after the break. ogena® clinical skincare helps restore collagen depleted skin to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. clinical skincare. neutrogena®.
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more tough news about the economy today. gold prices hit a record high
9:31 am
and big order items of cars and computers took a hit last month. here is alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. >> stocks are rallying despite a report of durable goods orders dropped last month by the biggest amount in a year and orders for cars and airplanes that really took a hit. now, that doesn't bode well for manufacturers. and since investors unsure about the economy tease days, gold prices hit a record high of more than $1,300 an ounce. investors buy gold whether there's uncertainty. why are stocks rising right now? well, we had a selloff in the final hour of trading yesterday. and the previous two sessions, they were pretty quiet. one analyst says the weakness may have been a bit overdone and market oversold and why we see people buying into the market today. the dow industrials up about 97. nasdaq higher by 27. finally, kyra, it's friday.
9:32 am
talk about movies coming out. shall we? noticing a trend. films that deal with the economy. today, the wall street seyet hits theaters and then four more films of money will be released and you know the old saying by the original "wall street" money never sleeps and seems it applies to the box office, too. usually a big draw for moviegoers, money. >> money and also our ali velshi who i understand has a big seven-second cameo in the movie. >> does he? . i have to find him and gate autograph. >> you should. he's acting like it's more like seven hours. >> ooh. >> he walked the red carpet. took time off. he is kind of -- he's been a little bit in the -- you know, floating above us. we can't get his head in the studio according to i heard in my ear here. i need you to get after him. he's still in new york. chase him down. >> i'll do that. >> okay.
9:33 am
thanks. before he was pope benedict he was cardinal ratzinger. one of the most powerful men in the vatican. it's recently come to light that as head of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith cardinal ratzinger had direct responsibility for decisions in notorious sex abuse cases. cnn's gary tuchman is examining the handling of a case from the heartland of the united states. ♪ >> reporter: by 2001, the sexual abuse crisis beginning to engulf the catholic church but pope john paul did not address the crisis. priests in the u.s. were being on trial for abuse, even rape. >> the era of denial was clearly over. ratzinger finally convinced his boss that we have to start doing something. he knew the sort of media scandal was coming down. >> reporter: the pope gave
9:34 am
cardinal ratzinger and cdf the power to cut through the bureaucracy and handle all sexual abuse cases directly. john allen believes ratzinger underwent a kind of conversion. >> reading the case files with the detailed notes they contained about the testimony of victims, over and over again, convinced him that this wasn't just about smoke. there was genuine fire here. and from 2001 forward the congregation for the doctrine of the faith became the beachhead in the vatican for an aggressive response to the crisis. >> reporter: behind the scenes, cardinal ratzinger was making waves. the new rules gave him the power to jumpstart the process to defrock priests. >> bottom line is this. however bad you think the vatican's response to the crisis has been, it would have been worse were it not for the personal leadership of pope benedict xvi. >> reporter: there are more acts, meetings with victims of
9:35 am
abuse, public apologies. and finally, an acknowledgment that the crisis did not come from enemies of the church on the outside but was, quote, born from the sin within the church. while the pope has evolved and taken some strong measures the deal with the crisis, there is unfinished business that haunts the victims of pedophile priests and that is what about the bishops, the bishops that covered up priestley abuse and moved those priests from parrish to parrish? bishops like cardinal bernard law of boston that covered up the crimes of priests this assaulted dozens of children. he eventually was forced to resign. only to end up as a cardinal in rome. >> he has this grand title, great apartment, and real power, real authority in the vatican and yet he is one of the most notorious bish ps from this whole era of scandal. >> reporter: gibson believes the pope will never publicly rebuke
9:36 am
the bishops. >> he doesn't want to open up that can of worms because he doesn't want to cause difficulties for his brother bishops. the bishops of the church are his colleagues. that is his circle. >> gary is joining us now live from new york. so gary, it is interesting. this is something we have been very interested on this newscast and just this slew of scandals that keeps coming up within the catholic church. most recently we were talking about the vatican banlg ag and it's being investigated. why are you doing this documentary now? >> the reason we're doing it right now, kyra, is because we were able to obtain previously secret vatican documents literally in a vatican safe for about 30 years. they were subpoenaed. we got them and show that cardinal ratzinger as the head
9:37 am
of the congregation before he was pope did receive letters from various bishops in the united states and early '80s, they wrote to him pleading, we have molester priests in our diocese. please defrock them and get rid of them. what they got back from cardinal ratzinger is delays. we are not doing anything and sometimes for years. priests who in some case were in jail and didn't want to be priests anymore but nothing was done out of the vatican or very little done or delayed and now we have talked to these victims in our documentary that didn't know they were molested as children. miserable lives an just found out when we told them that we saw the documents that the chief people in the vatican knew all about this. >> what was the motivation of the cardinal not to defrock molesting priests? >> critics say is that cardinal ratzinger and other top officials in the vatican were more concerned about the reputation of the church than the children of the church.
9:38 am
what we're being told by the vatican, this is very important. we would not have done the documentary unless we got an interview with a pope's top people and we did. he's now with the con agree inauguration for the doctrine of the faith and chief prosecutor and says we are not asking for excuses. things were not handled well but they were different back then and putting no blame on pope benedict and pope john paul ii saying things were different. wasn't for the reputation. through prayer and care and not calling out publicly, we don't want to embarrass the victims, make the priests better but doing things different. it was a horrifying spectacle of back then and no question about it that people like cardinal ratzinger today pope benedict should have and could have done more. >> it's disgusting when you see what took place for so many years and now you're hearing all of these adults come forward and talk about what they went
9:39 am
through as children and what's more heartbreaking, gary, so many of the kids didn't have parents, they were orphans. they depended on the catholic church for sanctuary. you know, do you think that the church finally realizes the seriousness of this problem? because there are a lot of catholic that is are kind of -- many that are giving up on the church. the polls are out there that there's so much doubt that this is a religion they want to stay with. >> that's what's amazing. there are hundreds of millions of people in the world who catholicism is their faith and inspiration. the institution is wonderful. the idea, sustains so many people. there are priests who come up to me saying it's so sad. i got into this for the right reasons and i cannot hug children because of what the other priests have done and they're mad, too. what really offends us is that just a few years ago we had bishops and archbishops blaming the news media, blaming the victims, americans.
9:40 am
this is only an american problem. that's been proven wrong and now even the pope himself knows that it was the church that was the problem, not outside influences. >> i tell you what, this documentary i'm looking forward to seeing. you did such a fabulous job an we appreciate you bringing this forward. >> thank you. child abuse covered up. guilty priests relocated. sex abuse scandal that rocked the church, what we're talking ant. as a cardinal and vatican official, what did the pope know and when? there's two chances to actually watch this cnn investigation in the entirety. saturday and sunday, this weekend, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. you don't want to miss it. [ female announcer ] your precious eyes.
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when allergies make them itch, don't wait for your pills to kick in. choose alaway, from the eye health experts at bausch & lomb. it works in minutes and up to 12 hours. bausch & lomb alaway. because it's not just your allergies, it's your eyes.
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checking top stories. democrats in the senate decided to put off a vote on extended some of the bush-era tax cuts until after the november elections. president obama wants to extend tax cuts for families making
9:43 am
less than $250,000 a year before they expire at the end of the year. the fda restricting the use of diabetes drug avandia. now the fda says that doctors may only prescribe it to patients who can't control their type ii diabetes with other medications. police found four people shot to death in a seattle home. one survivor told police my mom has gone crazy. according to kiro tv, police say the suspected shooter was a 59-year-old woman who apparently took her own life.
9:44 am
9:45 am
all right. let's see when's crossing the political ticker from the best
9:46 am
political team on television and that means checking in with mark preston. when's crossing? >> good morning. just last week michael steele headed out on a national bus tour. he's hitting 48 states. he's trying to get the republican base energized. our own peter handby trying the find out how much support for the tour. we are getting some politicsed reviews. people think it's very smart that michael steele's heading out on the road trying to rally the troops. however, others saying, you know what? the itinerary isn't very well planned out, not going to district that is are really in play. so, a really good story on lots of details. heading down to the white house, does president obama have a ceo problem? there's a terrific story on what is going on with president obama and whether the business community thinks that they're well represented in the white house. the larry summers, director of the white house national
9:47 am
economic counsel leaving at the end of the year has folks on wall street saying, you know what in this is the perfect time to get a titan of industry into the white house. there's academics, they need toto diversify. kyra, chivalry might not be dead. chris christie, the new jersey governor, out on the campaign trail for meg whitman running in california. well, you know what? there was a heckler, started launching into meg whitman who prompted chris christie to get up, walk over the heckler and steer him down. i have to tell you what. if i learned anything this week, kyra, in politics chivalry is not dead and if i need someone to watch my back in a barroom fight, it's a new jersey governor. >> i will be there for you, too. i can throw punches when necessary. >> i could use all the help. >> all right. we'll check back with you in an hour. thanks so much. reminder to go to our website
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9:51 am
root of all kinds of evil. some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. that's from the bible, first timothy. keep that in mind as we talk about religion, money and red flags. this whole sex scandal surrounding eddie long has a wondering what happened to the senate investigation into mega churches. senator charles grassley took on several of them and their wealthy leaders, inlewding long. there were fears that the pastors were using billions to lead life-styles of the rich and famous. grassley wanted answers to questions, like why did bishop long, who got something called a love offering instead of a salary live in a million dollar mansion with nine bathrooms and a bentley in the garage, and why
9:52 am
did joyce meyer by a $23,000 commode for her ministry headquarters, and what was up with the $23 million ministry jet and layovers in hawaii and fiji. benny hinn and paula white also got similar letters from grassley. the meyers and copelies turned over documents, and eddie long called it an attack on religious freedom and privacy right, and it seemed that the whole investigation just faded away. we tried to contact senator grassley to ask him why. he only says that the investigation isn't over. of course, three men have filed lawsuits claiming that long coerced them into sexual relationships, and if that's true, long's money, power and influence certainly had everything to do with it. they were red flagged three years ago. come on, senator, don't you think it's time to get to the bottom of this root of all evil
9:53 am
to prevent those from wandering from the faith and piercing themselves with more griefs? keeping track of a lot of developments. first, gary tuchman. >> reporter: stephen colbert going to capitol hill to testify about his experience as a migrant worker picking vegetables. earlier this summer, i got to do the same thing, picking fruit for eight hours in the hot fields of california. i'm rob marciano. we're watching tropical storm matthew as it bears down on nicaragua and honduras, and may take aim at the u.s. as well. that, plus more record-breaking heat all in the next hour. and a sex scandal rocks one of the largest churches in the country and puts a beloved pastor in the center of three separate lawsuits. next hour, you're going to hear from a church member who sees bishop eddie long as his spiritual father. lifts her calf to its first
9:54 am
breath of air, then protects it on the long journey to their feeding grounds. one of the most important things you can do is help the next generation. at pacific life, we offer financial solutions to accomplish just that. ask a financial professional about pacific life. the power to help you succeed.
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9:56 am
-- captions by vitac -- also, we're flying without a navigational system and can't seem to change course. >> miss, are you telling us absolutely everything? >> not exactly.
9:57 am
we're also out of coffee. all right. well, you may not face a travel nightmare like that one from the movie "airplane," but what can be a nate mayor is getting a good deal on a flight, especially on the holidays. luckily we have josh levs with tips on how to good a good deal on flights. >> forever a classic. >> we can bring that back on all kinds of issues. >> unfortunately. it still speaks to people. now is the time when people look ahead to thanks giving to make plans. it's going to cost you more this year. the thanksgiving travel period will cost substantially more. according to travelocity, they are finding that the average flight round trip is $384, a
9:58 am
substantial jumt. from last year, so you want to get going now and make the plans earlier. the people who are planning flights thanksgiving week, taking off on tuesday and coming back on sunday are not only paying more, in a lot of cases, on average playing $170 more. travelocity says the best deals you can get would be instead to talk off on thursday, thanksgiving day and come back on friday or the following tuesday. all of that information is up at everything i'm seeing, when i look at it will be more expensive the closer we get to the holiday period. take a look at this. this is an article that we had up yesterday, the "mad as held" site. you are not alone. it's all about this mad as hell about hidden
9:59 am
they have tens of thousands of significants from people out there, concluding those who work in the airline industry who say they can't take it anymore, what happens when you get your ticket, and everything they thought they were going to pay, they didn't realize it was another $30, $40, $50. get to the airport and didn't realize how much they were going to have to pay for their bags. seems like the airlines are starting to hear it. take a look at this, we don't get a lot of time to talk about it on the air. you find good discounts and ideas, and between now and the end of the year, when everyone startings to fly home with big trips, you might find this to be a valuable resource. kyra, rough economy. now is the time to take advantage of what deals are still out there while you still can. >> thanks. 10:00 a.m. in the east. we have a lot happening, including steve 57 colbert. he's testifying before the house
10:00 am
committee on immigration. he did a piece called taking back farm working jobs for americans. it was sarcastic but we understand he's going to play is straight before the house committee. he really did go to a farm, rather, and get an idea of the work that immigrants do. take a look and tell us if you think he should switch careers. >> sam gave me a bucket to bic beans. >> are there any beans that are in the shade? >> no beans in the shade. >> do you mind not crowding me here, grandpa. i'm trying to pick beans. you're on my turf here. >> can i punch him? did he say something bad to me? >> no. >> did he say anything bad? >> no, scoot on over. >> you need to get back to work. >> i'm playing a little farmville. i just want to ship my crop and i'm done. what did i miss? are the beans gone?
10:01 am
did i miss something? >> but, you know, colbert has nothing on gary tuchman who went into a california field a few weeks ago and did real work with migrant workers without any shtick. gather's with us from new york to talk more about his experience. gary, you said at the time you were the only american working on that team. >> reporter: well, yes, kyra. i was watching the colbert report last night and i saw him work, and i thought this was great. i thought he was a lot funnier than i was when i was working in the fields. it was absolutely extremely hard work, unbelievably monotonous and boring. we anticipated that but we wanted to work a full eight hours in the fields with illegal immigrants to see what their lives were like. this mans that worked in the california fields for 32 years and knows his grapes. and he's teaching me the trade. here's what i'm learning.
10:02 am
you got to get rid of the green ones. sometimes the green ones are way down, and if you miss them and they get to the grocery store and you go to buy grapes, you'll complain to the store, and the store will complain to the ranch, and the ranch will complain to me, the worker. you make $8 an hour minimum wage and split an incentive for each box you pack between three partners. >> gary, you know, it's hard work and minimal pay. what struck you? in addition to that, what else struck you about this type of work? >> reporter: there's a lot of arguing about whether illegal immigrants take jobs from americans. it's very clear they do in some industries. this particular industry, though, is a lot different. there are very few americans who apply for these jobs. the argument is you raise the salary and pay them more, and americans will take the jobs. it's very rare that americans apply for jobs in the migrant fields.
10:03 am
>> how many americans? >> no. >> reporter: i asked him how many americans he's seen in his 32 years in the field. he said zero. for 15 years you have been hiring labor crews to do agriculture work? >> right. >> reporter: how many americans have you hired over 15 or 16 years? >> none, not one. >> reporter: has one ever expressed interest? >> no. >> reporter: it made me realize that it was 105 degrees in fresno, and it made me realize -- i know it sounds trite, how lucky i am to have a job i love where i don't look at the my watch waiting for the whistle to blow at the end of the day. i must have looked at my watch 45 times. one minute goes by, three minutes. what was hard was the tedium and if you don't do enough production, you are out. they work their butts off. they really do.
10:04 am
>> even in this bad economy, you mentioned that americans won't take these jobs because the pay is so low, but even in this bad economy, when so many americans are out of work, are you still seeing that attitude, gary, that, no, i'm not going to do it, low pay and so tedious, i'm just not going to do it? >> reporter: in that particular field, the migrant work, it's very rare for americans to even apply for jobs. it's a rare thing. if the salaries went up, there are many who argue they would. when i say work your butt off, am i allowed to say butt on tv? >> yes, you are, and it's true. i grew up in california, and i respect the work they do. it is not easy, and you showed us that firsthand. thanks. the leader of one of the largest churches in the u.s. says he'll address his sex scandal sunday from the pulpit. bishop eddie long has 25,000 followers at new birth missionary baptist church. three of them, all young men
10:05 am
have filed lawsuits saying he coerced them into sex when they were teens. long's attorney denies the allegations and dismisses these photos that have emerged in the wake of that scandal. attorney b.j. bernstein who represents the three men in the lawsuit says long actually sent these two photos of himself wearing tight shirts to a fourth man whose not named in the litigation. she says it's just an example of inappropriate conduct. now, later in the day, bishop long posted a twitter message to his supporters. it reads, thanks for all your prayers and support, love you all. at the bottom of the hour, we will actually hear from a church member who sees bishop long as his spiritual father. he'll share his thoughts on the accusations and the ikt pact it's having on his church. a new film called "waiting for super man" has nothing do with a man and a cape.
10:06 am
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10:09 am
got breaking news out of coral gables, florida, just outside miami, pictures coming to us from wplg. this is what i can tell you so far. it's a bank of america located, fosh those of you that know the area and may somebody who works there or banks there or works close, this is the 1500 block of south dixie highway. apparently it's a hostage situation we're being told. no injuries being reported so far but negotiators are on the scene trying to work something out, not sure how many individuals are in there, how many hostage-takers are there inside the bank of america. we'll try and get you some more video in just a second. we're just getting this tape fed into us from our affiliate from
10:10 am
miami, but they believe that the hostages are bank employees and customers. once again, not sure how many subjects are inside or how many hostage-takers there are. they are trying to contain the situation. like i said, negotiators on the scene trying to make contact. no injuries so far. it's been going on for about two hours. once again, it's the bank of america in the 1500 block of south dixie highway. i'm told u.s. 1 is close frd fo section. we're working this for you. a hostage situation of a bank of america in coral gables. we'll bring you as much information as we can as we get it. a filmmaker hopes that his new movie "waiting for super
10:11 am
marn" will do for education what an "an inconvenient truth" did nor climate change. it opens today, and we want to take a look at what it means and the debate it's creating. kareen wynter has more. >> you think most people are getting a crappy education right now? >> i don't think they are. i know they are. >> reporter: davis guggenheim has a message for america. >> if we don't fix our public schools, we're in trouble. >> reporter: he knows how to get his message across. his last film earned $50 million at the box office, and if lightning strikes twice, his new film "waiting for super marn" would do the same thing for public education. cnn caught up with guggenheim at the sun dance film festival. >> the system we built works really well for the adults, like
10:12 am
the unions and bureaucracy, and even the parents, but it's not working for the kids. >> reporter: the film follows the lives of five children as they wait for their number to be called in a lottery to determine which kids get into the best schools. an eye-opening moment for guggenheim. >> i drive past three public schools on the way to take my kids to a private school. it haunts me that we aren't doing enough for every kid. >> something is wrong in the education system. >> reporter: jeffrey canada and billionaire bill gates tell cnn they participated in the film because of their concerns. >> we have a school day that's too short, a school year that's too short and we have lots of teach here's should not be teaching. >> reporter: and to offer solutions for the future. >> today the internet gives you that opportunity to watch the best lectures in the world. they're out there for free. if you take advantage of those resources, you can be broader and deeper than any of the kids were in my generation.
10:13 am
>> among 30 developed countries, we rank 25th in math and 21st in science, and almost every category we have fallen behind. >> when i watch these things, you have to have some skepticism. >> reporter: jay fernandez from the hollywood reporter says "super man" has more to do with aspiring change than assigning blame. >> the studio and filmmakers hope this doesn't just spark debate but sparks reform. >> reporter: fernandez says his greatest concern is that moviegoers guilt might actually keep them from buying a ticket. >> it's almost like i know this is out there, but do i really want to go and stick my face in it because then i either have to do something or i'm a total schmuck. >> reporter: hoping to avoid this problem, the film struck deals with corporate sponsors to donate hundreds of thousands of books and school supplies for
10:14 am
every ten thousand people who see the book. >> it takes a lot of outrage and good examples to say, yes, we can do this. >> reporter: kareen wynter, cnn, los angeles. >> not all of the reviews are rave reviews. at least one educator says the movie is full of contradictions and half truths. later this hour, we're going to talk with the movie's producer about that. more trouble from the tropics. tropical storm matthew gaining strength and moving toward nicaragua. rob marciano is keeping track of that for us. >> this thing really flared up yesterday and accelerated and moving quickly towards honduras and nicaragua. it's going to make landfall tonight. you see it moving westerly at 16, 17 miles an hour with a due west component. right along the honduras/nicaragua border is
10:15 am
already getting tropical storm force winds and rain. they will get surge. the problem is it's really mountainous. so they always get hammered with mud slides and landslides. that's a huge issue. the interesting thing for us is going to be that it kind of takes a turn or is forecast to take a turn this way. let's break down the forecast from the national hurricane center. here it is, and it will be updated in the next half hour for tropical storm matthew. they may move it south but the question is what does it do in this area next week. there are indications is gets into the gulf and traverses up towards the north. what's going on a little bit closer to home? we are looking at rainfall that has moved across parts of the midwest. luckily for the folks in minneapolis the rains stopped but the rivers are swelling.
10:16 am
they will crest over the weekend, notably flooding near the 1993 stage. 96 degrees in memphis. 97 expected in d.c. today. this does not feel like the first week of fall, that's for sure. summer continues across much of the east coast. >> thanks. the great recession. experts say it's over. many americans say, really? we're going to take a closer look through their eyes after a break. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. and i'm worried if i lose my job, i won't be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college, i lost my health insurance. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at it's not just fair, it's the law. it's work through the grime and the muck, month.
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tow and pull without getting stuck month. sweat every day to make an honest buck...month. and if you're gonna try and do this in anything other than a chevy... well, good luck...month. great deals on the complete family of chevy trucks all backed for a hundred thousand miles. it's truck month. now, during truck month, get 0% apr financing on all trucks and full-size suvs like this 2011 silverado. see your local chevrolet dealer. let's check our top stories. the obama administration says an immediate end to the military's don't ask, don't tell policy could threaten combat operations. the government made the response to a judge's ruling to keep gays from serving openly is unconstitutional. the state of virginia has executed theresa lieu fwhis a murder for hire case.
10:18 am
she is the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century. he was convicted of plotting the killing of her husband and stepson. the fda is placing severe restrictions on avandia. out with the tater to thes. in with the salad. the lunch lady is making a nutritious mark on school lunches.
10:19 am
hi. we're ready to switch our car insurance to progressive. today just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age.
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oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. celebrity chef ann cooper calls herself the renegade lunch lady and she's making her mark by striving to make school lunches more nutritious, and now she's promoting salad bars in schools. sanjay gupta caught up with her back when she began turning tater tots into broccoli abdul rauf chef ann cooper is on a mission to revolutionize the
10:21 am
school lunch program. >> chicken nuggets, taters to the. >> reporter: this celebrity chef has already brought her school lunch revolution from cafeterias in harlem new york to berkley, california and boulder, colorado and she tells us she isn't stopping there. >> it's really not easy to change but really changeable. you change the nuggets to roast chicken, and the tater to thes to roast potatoes. >> reporter: parents who came to hear her speak at an elementary school in atlanta, georgia, experienced school lunch. according to the cdc, one in three children will develop diabetes, and 30% are overweight. the cost to treat diabetes, $174 billion every year. >> we pay now or later. we're going to pay for healthy foods and kids or later with a
10:22 am
diabetes crisis. >> reporter: she created a website called the lunch with 80 recipes to spread the revolution to schools around the country. next week on cnn, it's eatocracy week to trace where our food is coming from, how government regulates it and much more. the recession officially ended 14 months ago but it doesn't feel that way to a lot of americans facing high unemployment and a crippled housing market. poppy harlow joins us from new york. a lot of skepticism about whether the recession is really over still. >> that's right, and what matters is how people feel. we talked to folks from new york to california about whether their personal recession is over. even this week, warren buffett said in an interview he doesn't think the recession is over. so the economists that say it's over, well, they are not on par with the americans that feel like it is not over.
10:23 am
take a look at these numbers. not a surprise, but, still, a big struggle for american people out there. nearly 15 million unemployed americans, almost 9 million underemployed americans. a big jobs crisis. we talked to folks about how they feel. is the recession over for them? >> i guess the top economists don't live in the communities everybody else lives in. i think the recession is ongoing. i think some communities it's more like a depression. >> it is nowhere near over. i do some inspections for people, housing inspections, and i feel that the market -- it's going to take four or five years to recover. >> i'm a law student right now, and so until i either get a job or get a job interview, it's not over. >> i have a masters degree and i haven't found a job yet. i graduated in may and i'm working retail and my other roommate is working retail and
10:24 am
we do live paycheck to paycheck. >> jobs are very hard to get, and a lot of people don't want to get jobs because they're getting too much given to them for not working. >> look around. i don't know. i don't see many people here at the restaurant, so it may be coming back, but it's coming back slow. >> coming back show to say the least. that person at the beginning saying for him it doesn't feel like a recession. it almost feels like a depression. >> obviously, jobs, that's the key here. we're seeing unprecedented help from the government, but what about private companies? when will those start hiring again? >> that's a great question because it's the private sector that is the engine of job growth in this country. the government can only do so much. what we know is that the federal reserve has said that we have $1.7 trillion of private sector money sitting on the sidelines waiting to hire. in the meantime, look at what the government has done, $787
10:25 am
billion stimulus program, cite sized for not creating enough jobs, some say. we have had an unbleerelievablee in terms of extending unemployment benefits, eight times since 2008 to help people and small businesses get $242 million in aid, passing that bill this week and should be signed by the president soon. there's a lot of money the private sector is not putting to work to hire. we'll keep an eye on that. next, church member who sees bishop eddie long as his spiritual father. it's an interview you want see any place else but on cnn. [ male announcer ] what is performance?
10:26 am
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and other beauty care brands. ♪ personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. the embattled pastor of an atlanta area mega church says he will address a deepening sex scandal from the pulpit. bishop eddie long has 25,000 followers at the new birth
10:29 am
missionary baptist church. he says he'll talk to his congregation at the church on sunday. three men have filed lawsuits saying long coerced them into sexual relationships. long's attorney denies those allegations and dismisses the photos that emerged in the wake of the scandal. attorney b.j. bernstein says long sent this photos of himself wearing tight shirts to the fourth man not named in the litigation. she says it's just an example of inappropriate conduct. church members say that the image of long that they embrace is the mentor and the spiritual counselor who has helped young people in need. >> god told me to tell you -- he just told me to shake your hand and it is a sign he is giving you a new hand.
10:30 am
whatever hand you played before, he's dealing you whole new fresh hand. go where he directs you. your yesterday can't bother you, in jesus name. >> i have been shot three or four times. three times. i sold all of the drugs you could ever sell and made all of the money could you possibly ever make. bmf is on the back of my neck, black mafia family. that's the life i used to live, and god grout me from that. [ applause ] i have been going -- even when i was in the life, i have always come to newberg. i always came no matter what. this has always been my dad when i didn't have no dad. i can call him. i might not have his number or
10:31 am
his text, but this is my father right here. >> pretty powerful stuff. late yesterday bishop long posted a message to-to-this supports on twitters reading thanks for your prayers and support. love you all. he built his church from a mere 300 members to the 25,000 people who now call it their spiritual home. our next guest actually joined the church because he believed in bishop long and has come to see him as his spiritual father. cornelius best, jr. is a grad student at the international theological center and going by c.j. thank you for being with us. this is not easy to talk about. >> it's not. >> there is no doubt that eddie long has helped hundreds and hundreds of young men. you're one of them. >> yes. >> tell me what drew to you bishop long and what kind of impact he made on you?
10:32 am
>> what drew me to new birth initially was he delivered the word in such a way i was able to understand it. i was not only able to understand it but i was able to identify with the struggles in the bible, and he is a very sound preacher, and i do respect the fact that he is a very sound preacher. >> now, were you a troubled kid. we just saw the heals going on there in the church. he said he was shot. she was a part of a gang, and he didn't have a father, that eddie long was his father. what kind of background did you come from? did you need a spiritual father in that way or was it different for you? >> it was different for me because i was fortunate enough to be raised in a two-parent house hold and instilled great values within me growing up. i wasn't in need of that, but one thing i do take hold of as a future preacher, because i'm at the interdenominational theological center, i do take hold to leadership and ministry. i felt like that church was a great example of what a ministry
10:33 am
should be. >> so it's been a very positive experience for you? >> yes. >> i'm going to get to some tough questions, and you be as candid as you can be with me. a lot of these allegations coming forward. these boys saying they went through a covenant ceremony, marriage ceremony where eddie long became their father and they were given gifts and special blessings and material things. is that true? is that what happens with each one of you as you become a part of his youth ministry squa. >> i have never experienced that since i have been there, and i frankly don't know about that, but being a member of the church -- >> you never heard about that? >> no. >> that came out of the blue to you? >> yes. >> but being a member of the church, what type of relationship did he build with you? did he give you one on one attention? >> yes, i met him on two different occasions but i never had a one on one encounter as
10:34 am
far as conversation but from the time i met him, hugged him and shook his hand, he was a very nice guy, stand-up individual. >> anything inappropriate or uncomfortable in your eyes? >> no. >> so now we're seeing these pictures, hearing these allegations. how does that make you feel when you see that? what goes through your mind? are you doubting -- are you in no way believing it? what is your first instinct? >> number one as a believer in the faith, you don't want to see that. you don't want to see your pastor go through this and you don't want to see the young men go through this. more than anything else, my heart is with his family and the family of the individuals and of the young men because of the fact that we're focusing on the bishop, but the bigger issue here is he's married, and the fact that he disobeyed the covenant of marriage if this is true. >> right. >> now, that's, of course, assuming it's true.
10:35 am
we're going to see how it plays out. as a believer, we don't want to believe it's true. we don't want to. >> let me ask you, what if he comes forward and says, i'm gay? how will that strike you? >> well -- >> have you thought about that, and is that in the back of your mind that it's very possible he may have a confession? >> yes, and very well so. and i think -- i believe that this is a time where the church needs to have that conversation as a whole. so often we shy away from it, and now i think it's time for us to address it. when jesus came on the earth, jesus included everybody within salvation. and it goes back to the question of whether homosexuality is right or wrong and i'm not going to get into that, but the fact is no matter where we come from in life or who we are we are to deliver the gospel in a way to
10:36 am
include everybody. no matter what your struggle is, you lie, you cheat, you steal, jesus is offered to you. >> you're opposite going to go to church on sunday? >> yes. >> he's going to be at the pulpit. what is it you want to hear from him? >> i want to hear the truth. i want to hear the truth, and whether the truth is that it's false or if it happened, but no matter what happens, it's not what i want to hear, it's what the congregation needs to hear. my relationship with god is independent of my relationship with bishop. he is an agent to deliver the word for my faith and i want to differentiate that difference that he's the agent to deliver the word. my relationship with god is my relationship with god. i hope that when it's all said and done that those who have relationships with god, that they're not affected and they get the full truth of the matter. >> you mention something interesting. you say that the issue of homosexuality is something that needs to be draaddressed.
10:37 am
is this something that in the black church because i've heard it from a number of people obviously within a number of mega churches that this is an issue that black men don't want to talk about. it is on the down low. is that true and why do you think it needs to be talked about more? >> and i think is comes down to the fact that we must be, number one, comfortable with our own sexuality, and the reason we don't want to talk about it is it's an uncomfortable conversation to have, and the uncomfortability of it is we don't want to view it as condoning homosexuality or i'm homophobic. the church takes a careful stance within that. but i do think as we have that conversation, we can put those things in the forefront, and you would be surprised at what can happen if you address the issue at hand.
10:38 am
if you don't address it, you never know what can happen, what the effects can be. but if you just address it, it can have that much of a difference. >> it's like the truth can set you free. >> exactly. >> if, indeed this is true. in no way we're saying it is. we're talking about the allegations, and if indeed they do prove true, it's going to have a huge impact on a lot of people. >> yes, ma'am. >> how do you think the church will respond. what if he steps up to the pulpit and says, i sinned. i did do this with these young men, but i need your forgiveness and your support, and he is truthful, if, indeed this is true? how do you think the church will respond? how will you and the other young men that he has mentored will respond? >> i would expect for the believers in the faith, not just members of the church but faith as a whole, to look at the bigger picture to understand that if it is true -- we don't want this to be true, but we
10:39 am
have to look at this on a bigger scale and say if this is happening to the point that it's going on with young men, what makes me think this is not happening on a bigger scale. if this comes out to be true, it's going to be an eye of scrutiny from believers, which i believe when it comes down to it is depending on your relationship with god. your independent relationship of god independent of what your relationship with bishop is. it's going to shake things up, and it's going to be a shaken membership and a lot of people are going to question a lot of leaders, and that's why i believe it's the responsibility for future leaders like myself and other preachers to uphold the integrity and moral and ethical standards that were set in the new testament with jesus. >> i'm thinking of other really well known, tone, the gospel singers. he sold out at mega churches, huge within the black churches and the gospel community, and,
10:40 am
you know, he came forward and said, i'm attracted to men and he dealt with that, and he was completely shunned. and a lot of people thought, well, maybe that, because of his influence and power within the community that that would change minds and start a conversation. is it going to take someone like bishop long's stature, his reputation, someone like that to actually start a conversation that will, i don't know, maybe be more revealing or honest on this subject matter? >> well, the tone situation was big for the reason that he was basically saying that i'm homosexual and i still serve the ministry. so basically embracing the life-style of homosexuality, which comes down to the old question of is homosexuality wrong or right. >> which gets into the bibl discussion. >> which is a theological situation to have but if the
10:41 am
bishop long situation comes out to be true, what comes to surface is the fact that this does happen. this has happened. we can no longer side-step this. this is a prominent leader and a great man of god, and this is what he's struggling with. and from that aspect, it's eye-opening. >> i tell you what. you're going to church on sunday and listen to what he has to say. will you come back on monday and tell us how it wept, how you're feeling, if it changed your mind and where your heart is? >> absolutely. >> i'll see you on monday, c.j. [ female announcer ] any hair shines in the spotlight. aveeno hair shines in real life. new aveeno nourish plus shine with active naturals wheat smooths damaged cuticles for 75% more shine in one use. real shine, for real life. yours.
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let's check in on the stories crossing the wire from our best political team on television, and candy crowley is the leading force of that team. >> reporter: how are you? i have a little blast from the past, moving it forward into the future. we have a new political website, which is certainly what cyberspace needs at this point, backed by sarah palin aimed at the 20 conservative democrats who are in districts that mccain/palin won who all voted for obama-care. palin has resurrected talk of the death panels, and you will see something that looks familiar. on each of the districts she is targeting and those she suggests as better candidates, you will
10:46 am
see literal targets over them. she took a lot of heat the last time that showed up on one of her websites. also, out in california, there's new field poll out that we're taking a look at that shows barbara boxer in a race with carly fiorina, and shows boxer up about six points. fiorina shows her vote is against boxer, not pro fiorina. if you have had enough of 2010, i want to move to you 2012. we are tracking some of those people who are, in fact, out and act who get mentioned. mike huckabee is going down to kentucky to campaign tore rand paul. that tells you a little
10:47 am
something about at least the republican lineup for 2012. >> and we'll see you sunday on "state of the union." thank you very much. hollywood takes on the problems with the schools. the people who made "waiting for superman" hopes it sparks debate and change. we are talking with the producer next. fiber one chewy bar.
10:48 am
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♪ i never thought that this would be the way you'd come back home ♪ time now for home and away, our tribute to men and women in uniform who have made the ultimate sacrifice in iraq or afghanistan for all of us. today we lift up specialist ryan walker. he was killed in a roadside bomb attack in january of 2006. joining us is ryan's brother, steven walker. thank you for calling in. >> thank you for having me. >> this was a hard thing for me to hear that your brother had his bags packed. he was ready to come home but he insisted on doing one more mission. why? >> well, he just felt that the
10:51 am
medics that were there to replace him just weren't ready to take his place, and ryan also had a big sense of duty to his fellow soldiers, and he wanted to make sure that he was there for them, and that's why ryan did that. >> so, basically, he was ready to come home but felt that he needed to stay on the battlefield because there was still so much chaos? i mean, what was it that just changed his mind? >> well, some of his soldiers were actually already headed home and so ryan decided they wanted to make sure his soldiers were okay on that last mission and felt those medics weren't ready to replace him and felt he needed to be there for his soldiers and make sure they came home okay. >> yeah, but it's just that he didn't come home okay. his legacy is living on and this truck that you have souped up in his honor.
10:52 am
i don't think i've ever seen anything like this, steven. tell me about this truck and why you did that and everything on it. >> well i built the truck for several reasons. i bought it when ryan was at boot camp, and he wrote and said, how is my truck running. my truck was actually his. he planned on buying one of his own when he came back from iraq but he never had that chance. another reason i did that was i felt the traditional memorial was not enough. i wanted to bring this memorial out for everyone to see, to give a face to a name and an insight into his life. he gave his life for this country. the least i could do for him was build a truck. so pretty much he has two parts to his life. essentially he was a firefighters and also a medic in the army. so one side is the firefight side, which is a picture of my dad and brother putting out the flames on the front of the truck. it was a family day, so my dad
10:53 am
put on the gear and helped put the fire out with my brother, and other side has the medic side where there's a med evac helicopter escorting a couple of wounded soldiers out and kind of a ghostly image of my brother as a battle angel watching over, making sure those wounded soldiers get into the helicopter okay. and so, that's kind of what we did, and then on the back is, of course, picture of ryan in sis hiss state firefighter gear when he was in school, but, yeah. >> well, i tell you what, that battle angel is still up there looking over your and your family and everybody that he touched. steven, thank you very much for calling in. >> thank you for having me. appreciate this. >> it was our honor. please log on to tell us about your hero. we'll lift him up. ♪ thank you, friend
10:54 am
♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
10:55 am
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-- captions by vitac -- every dog has its day. a new video exploded on the web. from a band that proved it knows how to make a really good video, here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: who cares about sit and stay when you're a dog that gets to play in a music video? the band is okay, go, and they
10:58 am
go to the dogs in one continuous take using a dozen mostly shelter dogs in their video called "white knuckles." oh, sure, there were plenty of mistakes. it took 124 takes, so they wound up using take 72. the band says the dozen dogs loved it. >> you can see, yes, i've done my job! it was so, so fun. >> reporter: okay go is known for its complex, one continuous take videos, like this one using a contraption big enough to fill an entire warehouse. but that was engineering. this required training. each dog had its own trainer giving it cues. we were wondering what had the dogs so focused looking like they were at the u.s. open? the answer, tennis ball with cheese on it. by the way, the brown dog on the
10:59 am
right -- >> that's my doing bunny. >> reporter: it featured everything from leaps to shelves. note the band member feeding riot the dog a treat. a couple of dogs walked the planks. how did tin-tin the dog react to okay goes music? >> basically dancing to a click. >> a metronome with vocals over it so we knew where we were in the song. >> reporter: it took six weeks spread over a year to train the dogs and get one continuous take. did we mention the goat? >> you don't potty train a goat. >> reporter: the video ends with a pyramid called a dog-amid, and that was the hardest part, getting them to go up and down in unison. >> i think it was pure luck he was barking to the beat. >> reporter: but the

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